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Sutures & Post-Op Wounds

The practice of suturing wounds goes back over 5,000 years

Sutures should be kept dry and clean to aid in the healing process

Stitches are usually removed after 5 – 10 days


Dangers with Sutures?

If you receive sutures after an injury or surgery, it’s important to take extra care of the area to avoid splitting the incision open or causing an infection. Look out for fever, redness and swelling, increased pain or pus from the wound.

Seek medical assistance if you see signs of infection.

Sutures eyebrow


Dangers with Sutures?

While the sutures are holding the wound closed to help it heal, it’s important to avoid strenuous activity and keep the area clean and dry. Island dressings can help do this by keeping the sutures covered and preventing moisture from entering the area.

Watch the video to learn how to apply a waterproof island dressing.

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