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Aero Healthcare is on a mission. We want to show the United Kingdom that anyone can be a first aid hero!

Learning first aid can be fun – and knowing it saves lives

Watch our tutorials and read handy first aid tips and tricks for all types of injuries. Together, we can be Aeros in any emergency.

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Wound Care

Wound Care



First Aid Training

Sports First Aid



First Aid Training

Emergency First Aid



First Aid Training






Small Cuts

Sutures &
Post Op Wounds

Weeping Wounds

Sprains & Strains

Bone Fractures

Eye Injuries

Head Injuries

Shin Splints

Spinal Injury

Snake Bites

Excessive Bleeding



Insect Bite/Sting

Crush Injuries


Defibrillation AEDs


We’re on a mission to provide Australians with the knowledge and first aid supplies they need to be an Aero in an emergency – and we need your help.

Aero Healthcare can supply your pharmacy with the best first aid consumables on the market. We believe every Australian family should have access to high-quality products to ensure they’re always prepared for a first aid situation. Your pharmacy is where it all begins.

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